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About Us

The Royal Canadian LegionSir William Stephenson Branch 637

The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit organization whose purposes and objectives include: providing support to veterans, ex-service members and their families; perpetuating the tradition of Remembrance; and, participating in programs designed to improve Canadians general quality of life. To this end it makes the Royal Canadian Legion the greatest organization in the world!!!


As important as our support of veterans and their dependants is, our branch members find the time and energy to make significant contributions to our community. Sir William Stephenson Royal Canadian Legion Branch #637, support other community based organizations financially, using funds raised through clubhouse operations.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are donated  to other community and service organizations. As well as financial support, the hall is the main meeting place for our veterans and their dependants, and open to anyone wanting to join.

The Sir William Stephenson Branch was chartered on May 2, 1989, named to honour the war hero and master spy who was also known as the ‘Man Called Intrepid’. The branch houses replicas of Sir William Stephenson's medals, which were generously donated, and a personal telegram granting permission to honour him in this way.

When at the Branch visit his Memorial Wall for more exciting displays, history and information.

To Learn More About This Amazing Man Click Here

Symbols Of The Legion
The Legion in Ontario has a rich history with many branches having over 75 years of service to their communities. We use symbols and badges to identify with and to promote our common goals. See below!



The crown is the St. Edward Crown, used by the Sovereign.

The red maple leaf on the white background is derived from the Canadian coat of arms.

Our pledge and motto Memoriam Eorum Retinebimus (We Will Remember Them), is in the outside circle.  It is in Latin, a language generally used on badges, crests and banners of national and military emblems. in gold, and the background in blue represents the official colours of the Legion.

The Poppy is the symbol of remembrance. 

This badge has been approved by the Sovereign.

The blood red poppy of Flanders is immortalized as a symbol of Remembrance, since it was first adopted in 1921. By wearing the poppy, we demonstrate our gratitude of sacrifice of the thousands who laid down their lives for those ideals which we, as Canadians, cherish. 

Each year, for two weeks before Remembrance Day, Legions throughout Ontario carry out our Poppy Campaign. The campaign raises awareness of the Poppy as a symbol of Remembrance. 

The basic purpose of the poppy funds is to provide immediate assistance to ex-servicemen and women in need. This may include food shelter or medical attention for them or their families. Funds raised during the Poppy Campaign are also used for the following.


Educational Bursaries
Comforts for veteran in hospital or hospitalized veterans
Community medical appliances
Medical research
Medical training
Donations for disaster relief for disasters declared by Federal and Provincial Governments
Expenses of the Branch Veteran Services Chairman
Prizes for the annual Remembrance Day Poster and Literary (Poem and Essay) Contests
Legion service bureau offices

Any ex-serviceman or woman or dependent is eligible to apply for financial aid from the poppy, whether they are Legion members, or not.

After expenses, such as the cost of poppies, wreaths and other supplies are deducted, all remaining moneys are placed in trust to be used on those purposes authorized in the General By-laws of The Royal Canadian Legion. Campaign expenses are generally low, because most of the work is voluntary.
The Legion's constitution stresses that poppy funds must be held in trust. They are held in a bank account separate from that of the branch general funds and cannot be used for any purpose other than those stipulated.

The torch is symbolic of justice, honour and freedom for which our comrades fought and paid the ultimate price for freedom.

We who are left must pledge ourselves to hold it high, lest we break faith with those who died.


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